Welcome to Cabana Hammock, the laziest theme camp in all of Firefly!

Who Are You Guys?

Cabana Hammock was founded in 2010 by a group of veteran Fireflies who, after several years of Going Big and burning the candle at both ends, decided to enjoy the pleasures of Firefly in a more relaxed, sustainable way. We aim to create a stress-free oasis amidst the glorious cacophony of the woods. We do this by hanging hammocks, serving cocktails, and hosting chill DJs and community events. We generally eschew organizational structure, preferring to let the camp unfold according to our whims and desires.

Tell Me More…

Our camp has no required dues, no rules to follow, no chore wheels. It organizes itself around the relationships that we share, our love of Firefly, and the desire to meet, laugh with, and learn from others. Every year it grows and evolves according to the gifts that people bring us. Over the years we’ve had disco dancing, poetry readings, bachelorettes, karaoke, pool parties, movie screenings, bartender battles and spa days. Pretty much anyone with an idea and a good attitude is welcome – there’s a lot of flexibility to the way we roll. Having said that, it generally involves hammocks.

Our lack of infrastructure means that everyone must be prepared to take care of their basic needs.  In keeping with the principle of radical self-reliance, there is no common food supply, and no camp trash bin. We take pride in respecting the land and our hosts.  Everyone is expected to pack out all of the trash that they create, and dispose of it responsibly outside of Firefly.

We are a community of gifting.  Gifts come in all forms – sharing a hot meal, letting someone use your flashlight, helping set up a tent. Find a way to help others with their Firefly experience, and you will find that karma almost always brings you back more than you give.

How Can I Participate?

We need you to make our camp shine.  How?  Unwind in our hammocks, enjoy a tasty adult beverage, and relax your ass off.  It’s a demanding job, but we know that Fireflies are up to the task.

If you want to go above and beyond, there are a few simple things that you can do to make Cabana Hammock even better.

1. Bring Hammocks
Are you an experienced hammock aficionado, looking for a place to recline with others who share your passion? Or perhaps this is your first time, and you wish to learn the subtle techniques of horizontal bliss? Humble or extravagant, your contributions help our little slice of paradise to grow and thrive.  Non-hammock comfort items (camp chairs, blankets, hot tubs) will also be happily embraced.  Our goal is to provide maximum relaxation for as many guests as we can accommodate.

2. Mix Tasty Beverages
The only thing better than lounging in a hammock on a perfect summer day is doing so with a cool drink in your hand.  Donations of ice, liquor, and mixers – and people with the skills to combine the three in creative ways – are both welcomed and appreciated.

3. Play Music
Think you’ve got the soundtrack for our blissful oasis? Let us know. We’re looking for daytime DJs to spin a sonic cocoon for lounging Fireflies.

4. Relax
Firefly is a busy place, with so much to see and do.  It can be a bit overwhelming at times.  When it’s time for a breather, we’re here for you.